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December Newsletter

Evangelistic Outreaches:

We are so very excited that the good news of Jesus is being shared in villages, towns and schools ( when they were and will be once again open).

Food, clothing and soap drives:

Our team on the ground in Uganda has gone to remote villages where families of sponsored children and other families live to hand out food, clothing, and soap.

New church plant in Idudi, Uganda:

- Our team has started a new church in Idudi and it is growing quickly. We can't wait to see what the Lord does in this place!

Meet the Team!

From left to right: David, Jay, Gina, Joseph and Nelson ( not pictured: Sarah)

Why Not Africa, Inc. partners with Arise and Care Children's Ministry based in Jinja, Uganda. Together, our mission is to go and share Jesus with others. The desire of our hearts is to always put Jesus first as we minister to the people He puts in our paths.


It is with sincere thanks that we, the board of Why Not Africa, Inc., share with you updated information regarding our year thus far with our ministry in Uganda. Jay and Gina were able to travel to Uganda in January and returned home right before the was shut down. They barely made it home before travel was banned! Little did we know as they were traveling home what was about to take place. However, while in Uganda, the team had many busy days of working on finalizing/preparing for the upcoming school year, joining together with others to praise and worship our Lord and Savior and holding a 3 day evangelistic outreach where hundreds of people heard the Word preached and heard songs about His love for each of. We watched as many, both young and old, accepted Jesus in to their hearts. There are no words to describe what an amazing feeling it is to be under a beautiful African sky worshiping God with others. We wish all who desire to go and be there get that chance! As you can imagine, this year has not gone as planned but just like so many others, we have turned all of our concerns, anxieties and upset plans over to Him to make us stronger in our walk and stronger in our ministry. Our intentions at the beginning of 2020 were to continue having sponsored children in schools in and around the Idudi area and that happened! Remember, the school year in Uganda runs from late January through late November with 3 breaks in the year. Schools in Uganda were shut down in late March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since that time, children have been at home with family. Our team on the ground in Uganda has been able to visit with the children and their families. With school being out the families are struggling to put food in the mouths of all of the children at home. Our team has been able to go door to-door providing food, clothing, soap, and sharing Jesus! This would not have been possible without your support and entrusting us to utilize the funds that you generously give to provide help to the children. While our focus has been on school sponsorships the pandemic allowed you to be a blessing to these children and their families in ways that we never expected.

Much love and many blessings to you and yours. In His Name,

-Gina Cox, Executive Director and WNA Board of Directors

Upcoming Needs:

1) Continued sponsorships of children/families

2) Continued need for funds for van fuel, maintenance, etc.

3)Land purchase for office and home for team members and children in need of a place to stay along with rooms for vocational training such as tailoring and cosmetology(both of which are good sources of income in Uganda).

4) Church plant needs as these continue to grow.

5) Food drives, clothing and soap drives.

We are also very excited to share with you that back in March and right before Uganda was shut down, we had a donor to make a $15,000.00 donation to purchase a van. Why Not Africa and our partner ministry in Uganda, Arise and Care Children's Ministry, were so very excited! Our team on the ground in Uganda had HUGE plans to go to many different schools to sing, play the guitar and keyboard and lead others to salvation through Jesus Christ. You can imagine how disappointed we were when the schools

The ministry's van!

Our Story
In February 2015, God called us (Jay and Gina Cox) to Uganda. He knew exactly what He was doing. WE were not so sure but said YES! This year we have only been able to travel over one time due to the global pandemic but we are in daily contact with our team there. The pandemic could not stop the good plans that God has made for this ministry. The name of Jesus has been shared with many, souls have been saved and lives have been changed. People have received much needed love, care and prayers. Nothing can stop the Lord Almighty! 3645 Gentian Blvd., Ste 3-B Columbus, GA 31907  

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