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Why NOT Africa?

Why NOT Africa Inc. 

In February of 2015, God placed Uganda on the hearts of Jay and Gina Cox. At a time when they were planning to retire and move across the country, God had different plans and it was to pour out the love of Jesus on the people of Uganda.

Since then, many doors have opened to fulfill this call, including running a sponsorship program to send Ugandan children to school, provision to drill “boreholes” for clean water and opportunities to share the Gospel with a Muslim population.


Our passion is to share the same love that Jesus has so freely poured out on us.

By digging boreholes  in villages where there is no access to clean water, we are able to provide the clean water needed for safe drinking, cooking, cleaning and washing. 

Many hours are traveled along extremely bumpy dirt roads to locations that are in need of learning about Jesus. Singing, dancing, making new friends, sharing the Word and demonstrating love results in lives being changed forever. 

Through school sponsorships, children who may never have the opportunity are provided a way to attend school. School is not free in Uganda thus the need for financial support for many children. 

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